Olympus E-M5: Lord of the Mirrorless (2012)

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Video is the new photography!

It is a natural progression for the photographer to take. The building block of motion is the still. What is changing today is the equipment. Hybrids are now proliferating the market. Everyone is offering up a blend of still and motion capture capabilities.

As the capabilities increase, so does ease of entry into motion capture. The E-M5 has made it so easy for me to bring home professional grade footage. This is where the E-M5 wins in a big way. When you can roam unencumbered by a tripod, the constantly changing camera perspective is a walk in the park.

Yes, entry-level photography will always be about the single image, but it won’t be long before you’ll want to venture beyond the single frame. Why? Cause you can.

As an all-around capturing device, the Olympus EM-5 was the clear winner for my needs, hence it achieved the distinct honor of being named “Lord of the Mirrorless” for 2012.

[youtube id=”l-i9N6X29VM” mode=”normal” maxw=”500″ align=”center”]


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