The Rumor Mill: Pentax and Full Frame Mirrorless

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MirrorlessRumors has published a post about Pentax and the possibility of a full frame mirrorless; you can view here:

Pentax would do well to release a full frame mirrorless system–especially if it’s “the most compact ever made.” But I would settle with a slight reduction of the Leica’s M9 size. The overall system should be small enough to justify leaving the existing full frame reflex systems.

The aficionados of photography will immediately recognize the value. But it’s not enough to just release a body. Pentax will need to implement a highly integrated and well thought out plan. It would have to deliver at least three primary lenses that are specific to the format.

What should those three lenses be?

Well, for me, a 50mm f1.4 that is sharp wide open would be an excellent beginning. Another would be an 85mm f1.4 (or f1.2). My last pick would be a 24mm f1.4. With these focal lengths, it would meet most of my requirements from a professional perspective. If a fourth could be added to this set, it would be the 135mm f2. This last lens always produces magical results whenever I use my Canon 5DMKII and the EF 135mm f2 L.

Canon 5D, EF 135mm f2 L @ f2


Canon 5D, EF 135mm f2 L @ f2

For me, the above images provide an excellent example of why I desire a full frame mirrorless system. You can’t get that from a m4/3 or APS-C system. And then let’s not forget the amazing ISO performance that this large sensor format can deliver.

Canon 5D, EF 135mm f2 L @ f2

Oh yea, the system better have in-camera image stabilization.


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